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Paganism & Christianity

I once heard that Christians adapted with some paganistic rituals to encourage more people to convert to Christianity.
This is supposedly why we celebrate Easter with egg-laying-bunnies.
Bunnies symbolize fertility and eggs symbolize new-life.
..or something like that.

Anyway, I thought that was pretty interesting.


I totally forgot it was Easter today,
but now that I remember,
Happy Easter Everybody!

Well, I didn't really do anything for Easter.
My family isn't exactly very close,
so we don't really get together that much, or ever.

I guess the highlight of my day was grocery shopping.
Yeah, I know, not exactly what I would call "exciting,"
but at least I did something..

Gosh, my life seems so boring sometimes!


what do I say?

I was talking to my cousin online, but I barely know him.
Anyway, he was talking about breakdancing, which I don't exactly know anything about.
I end up replying pretty much the same thing:
"That's awesome!"
"That's cool!"
It really got really irritating.
I know I hate it when other people reply to me that way,
but I'm just so lost as to what to say.
Our conversation became way too boring, so I just logged off.
Sometimes I just wish he'd stop talking to me;
I just feel too pressured to think of something to say.
I know this sounds ridiculous, but it'd be so much easier for me if he stopped talking to me. =/

a new blog

I felt like posting my random thoughts,
and sharing them with the world.
So I made this new blog.

Anyway, enjoy! =)

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