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How many movies can you name in two minutes?

How many Movies can you name in two minutes?
Find Movies at LocateTV

this was after a few tries.
I only got like 13 the first try :/


..so there he was, standing there in the darkness, waiting for me. How special I must have felt for someone (a man to be specific) waiting there fore me! After receiving a text message from my ex-boyfriend Brian, I followed his suggestion to meet him for a movie. but as I walked to where I was to meet him, I saw a figure that wasn't him. This was who I met up with.
I awoke from this dream and wondered. Why was I still thinking about Brian? Who was the figure I ended up meeting up with? Why wasn't this figure Brian?
Brian is my most recent ex, so I can't help but think about him once in awhile, but I don't want him back. The figure in the darkness was a vague figure; it represented someone (anyone) willing to come meet up with me. but the figure wasn't Brian: I didn't want Brian.
Now I think, how soon until someone finally shows me that he would like to "meet up" with me. It's getting lonely here by myself..

That Liar Needs Some Truth Syrup!

I find myself desperately needing to vent out my anger. so here it goes:

I am so tired of liars. You see, I have this "friend," but she lies constantly, I mean constantly! I don't see why. Every little thing she says is a lie she's just made up. Sometimes I just want to shoot her because I am so tired of being treated this way!

Well anyway, I don't really want to get into the details because I don't want to cause myself to become any angrier. just felt like letting some heat out..

Mood: irritated


Still Raw

I love pluto! It was my favorite planet. Well, I don't care what anyone says, I still say pluto is in fact a planet!!

I understand!

The image on the last blog: they were thinking about each other!!
wow.. that took me awhile. :/ I can be so slow sometimes.

aww.. that is so cute! I wish I could find a guy like that.

To Be Wantend

so I found this image online. The title said "To Be Wanted." and I wonder, why? Why was it given this title.
I really like the image. I just think it's such an interesting concept. but I can't help but wonder about the title.
This image reminds me of when I was younger. Everytime I would read a book, I would always wonder if the characters knew they were merely characters in a book. and of course, they don't. so that freaked me out because I started to wonder. What if I was just a character in a book? I doubt I am. My life is way too boring for anyone to want to read about it. but I still wonder, what if.. just what if
Anyway, I really like the site I found this image on. so I might be posting more images to share with you, oh dear reader of mine.


43 Things

I took the 43 Things Personality Quiz and found out I'm a
Self-Knowing Healthy Self-Improver


Bowling's fun!!

but the ball kept getting into the stupid gutter!! My friends kept making fun of me for not being able to hit the pins. What friends they are! I got a strike though! That was pretty awesome! and you can't really blame me for being totally lame at bowling. This was my first time bowling since 7th grade, and that time at 7th grade doesnt really count. I spent most of my time then trying to beat my friend at air hocky in the arcade. That was fun. =)
Anyway, bowling's fun..


I Can See!!

Yes, I can finally see. My eyesight was completely terrible!! but I got my eyes checked today. I didn't get glasses though. They seem like such a hassle, so I got contacts instead. Once you put them on, they're not a hassle at all. I can barely tell theyre there! I have a hard time putting them on, though, but I'm hoping that eventually I'll get the hang of it.
It's so weird being able to see. Everything looks so different.. so clear! I'm just not used to it. I'm used to seeing everything as a blur, but now, I can see! =)


Now An Atreyu Fan

Well, I heard Atreyu's "Falling Down" and "Becoming the Bull" on the radio.
I've heard of them before, but I never really listen to them.
Anyway, I decided to download those two songs, but then I thought,

Why not download the whole album while I'm at it?

So I did. And I think their album "Lead Sails Paper Anchor" is absolutely AWESOME!! =)


Disappointed With Those Red Sox

I was watching TV when I saw that the Yankees were going against the Red Sox.
I don't really know much about baseball, but I watched it anyway.
I randomly picked the Red Sox to win.
I don't even know why.
Anyway, I was rooting for them and everything.
I didn't care that much, but I was just disappointed that "my" team lost.
..but like I said, I didn't care that much.
It was fun watching the game, though.
I think I might be a baseball fan now. =)


Random Word Generator

I was totally and completely bored when I opened up Google and typed in:
"i am so bored."

I somehow ended up on a random word generator.
Like most people that are totally and completely bored,
I was easily amused, and I thought this was the coolest thing ever!!


Well.. check it out!

"Stuck for a word? Need something to adequately describe your day yet doesn't already have some other meaning? Look no further than the random word generator!
How does it work? By analyising the frequency of pairs of letters in 45,402 different words it is possible to generate new words which, although don't have any meaning, are reasonably syntactically correct. Sometimes you may get a word which does already exist, but there should be plenty there that don't.
You can refresh the page for 20 new words, or, if you fancy, you can enter a couple of letters to influence how the generated words start.
Since the 5th November 2006, this site has generated 1,443,540 random words."



..is a terrible habit!
Trust me, I have so much homework to do right now.
(and yet here I am blogging..)

Hmm.. maybe I should stop blogging.
I guess even blogging right now could be considered as procrastinating.

I am totally being a hypocrite!
Here I am, telling you how bad procrastinating is,
but I just won't stop!!

Ok, ok. I'll finally end this post.. =)


Non Blogging-Mood

I'm sorry I haven't posted anything in awhile.
A friend of mine has recently passed away,
and I wasn't exactly in a "blogging-mood."

I was completely distraught by his death.
I don't think I've cried so much over someone before.

Anyway, I hope as time goes,
the pain won't hurt as much,
and then, I'll be able to post more often..


Paganism & Christianity

I once heard that Christians adapted with some paganistic rituals to encourage more people to convert to Christianity.
This is supposedly why we celebrate Easter with egg-laying-bunnies.
Bunnies symbolize fertility and eggs symbolize new-life.
..or something like that.

Anyway, I thought that was pretty interesting.


I totally forgot it was Easter today,
but now that I remember,
Happy Easter Everybody!

Well, I didn't really do anything for Easter.
My family isn't exactly very close,
so we don't really get together that much, or ever.

I guess the highlight of my day was grocery shopping.
Yeah, I know, not exactly what I would call "exciting,"
but at least I did something..

Gosh, my life seems so boring sometimes!


what do I say?

I was talking to my cousin online, but I barely know him.
Anyway, he was talking about breakdancing, which I don't exactly know anything about.
I end up replying pretty much the same thing:
"That's awesome!"
"That's cool!"
It really got really irritating.
I know I hate it when other people reply to me that way,
but I'm just so lost as to what to say.
Our conversation became way too boring, so I just logged off.
Sometimes I just wish he'd stop talking to me;
I just feel too pressured to think of something to say.
I know this sounds ridiculous, but it'd be so much easier for me if he stopped talking to me. =/

a new blog

I felt like posting my random thoughts,
and sharing them with the world.
So I made this new blog.

Anyway, enjoy! =)

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