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I have dark eyes.

My eyes are dark.


How many movies can you name in two minutes?

How many Movies can you name in two minutes?
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this was after a few tries.
I only got like 13 the first try :/

12.23.2008 there he was, standing there in the darkness, waiting for me. How special I must have felt for someone (a man to be specific) waiting there fore me! After receiving a text message from my ex-boyfriend Brian, I followed his suggestion to meet him for a movie. but as I walked to where I was to meet him, I saw a figure that wasn't him. This was who I met up with.
I awoke from this dream and wondered. Why was I still thinking about Brian? Who was the figure I ended up meeting up with? Why wasn't this figure Brian?
Brian is my most recent ex, so I can't help but think about him once in awhile, but I don't want him back. The figure in the darkness was a vague figure; it represented someone (anyone) willing to come meet up with me. but the figure wasn't Brian: I didn't want Brian.
Now I think, how soon until someone finally shows me that he would like to "meet up" with me. It's getting lonely here by myself..

That Liar Needs Some Truth Syrup!

I find myself desperately needing to vent out my anger. so here it goes:

I am so tired of liars. You see, I have this "friend," but she lies constantly, I mean constantly! I don't see why. Every little thing she says is a lie she's just made up. Sometimes I just want to shoot her because I am so tired of being treated this way!

Well anyway, I don't really want to get into the details because I don't want to cause myself to become any angrier. just felt like letting some heat out..

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